Food to avoid diabetes

sugar in the blood is always food to avoid diabetes related to food consumption. Some foods are known to be prone to high levels of sugar in the blood. This is why you need to avoid certain types of food that increases the chances of diabetes. In addition, there are certain types of foods that can be taken, but only in food to avoid diabetes moderation.

Before learning what foods to avoid for diabetics should also know that the foods that could be taken in moderation food to avoid diabetes. Foods and beverages that could be taken by a diabetic generally moderately sugary soft drinks, juices, cereals, cakes, candy, donuts and cookies. Do not forget, however, that a balanced diet is always useful to keep sugar levels in the blood. Excretion of excessive food to avoid diabetes and therefore lose unnecessary weight, and getting enough rest and good fat exercise routine all reduce the level of sugar in the blood.

Foods that diabetics should avoid are saturated fats they contain. They are as bad as sugar and can cause various health food to avoid diabetes problems. Foods rich in nutrients and fiber are good, while those that contain saturated fats and sugar are bad for them. Water, fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and fiber-rich foods should make every diabetic diet.

What are the foods to avoid for diabetics who suffer from diabetes insipid. This diabetes is not caused by sugar water. Excessive and food to avoid diabetes frequent urination causes dehydration is a symptom of this type of diabetes.

Those who suffer from type food to avoid diabetes 1 diabetes should avoid foods with high alchemic index. This diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce insulin. For these people is very important diet. Rice, white pasta, ice cream, cakes, sweets and biscuits, soft drinks IE soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks, white bread, coffee, tea, artificial sweeteners, alcohol , saturated as cream, cheese, food to avoid diabetes butter, milk fat, dairy products, dates, and grains should normally be avoided.

The type 2 diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus. The basic characteristics of this type of diabetes is insulin food to avoid diabetes resistance in the body. The symptoms of this type of diabetes are excessive fatigue urine output, thirst, stool, and lethargy or weakness. Strain of beta cells by increasing  food to avoid diabetes the levels of sugar in the blood are the fundamental characteristic of this type of diabetes.

Limiting carbohydrates is the food that should be avoided. So the answer to the question of what foods to avoid is that you avoid sweets, artificial food to avoid diabetes sweeteners, potatoes, beets, turnips, milk, fruit juice, alcohol, fatty foods and junk food, the white bread, meat or meat substitute, and products that contain fat.

Food to avoid diabetes

Food to avoid diabetes, Diabetes, Avoid diabetes

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